The need for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrient needed by a growing child. During childhood and teenage years, about 40-60% of children’s bone mass gets formed. Vitamin D regulates Calcium and Phosphorus balance that helps strengthen bones. It also improves children’s immunity and protects them from illnesses. It also effects body’s endocrine system, cardiovascular system, and neuropsychological & cognitive functioning.
That is why, it is vital to keep children’s Vitamin D levels right from the beginning.

What causes Vitamin D deficiency?

Most of the children in India are Vitamin D deficient. Though most part of our country gets enough sunlight throughout the year, you must be wondering what could be reason for such large prevalence of this deficiency?

Children these days either don’t go out at late afternoon or in the evening. As it’s because zenith angle is more that vitamin D will be formed less not that it won’t be synthesized. Not getting a balanced diet also leads to a lot of illnesses and deficiencies. Research shows that children from both higher and lower socioeconomic sections of the society, and both boys and girls have low Vitamin D levels.

The deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to lifelong weakened bones, reduced immunity, and high risk of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems later in life.

How to get Vitamin D?

Vitamin D created within the skin lasts 2 times longer in the body compared to a supplemental/ingested dose. That is why, apart from giving Vitamin D fortified foods and dairy products to a child, it is also important to give them their share of sunlight at the right time.
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